“One of the most harmful consequences of endemic public corruption in a community is the apathy it engenders – the culture of acceptance. Over many years of seeing corruption in almost every facet of government, many residents of a community begin to simply accept corruption as the immutable status quo. They come to assume government is broken and ineffective and destined to function corruptly. The consequences of this culture of acceptance in a community are many. Some residents simply disengage from the political process and no longer trust their government to function well or in their interest. Other residents may come to believe they must engage in corruption in order to gain government benefits themselves. Still others will begin to look the other way when they witness corrupt transactions. And honest folks are discouraged from entering politics or suffer from the skepticism engendered by others’ misdeeds.”

It is very easy to say “fight back,” but when it comes to the heavy lifting, it is virtually impossible for regular Joe America to take a stand – for a start, the corrupt public offices will be using your own tax dollars to defend themselves while you are using your own personal money to pursue the case. This represents a double loss from the outset; combine that with the character assassination from the bully pulpit used by the public official against you and the cost of speaking out mounts quickly.”