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It’s no secret South Carolina is among the most corrupt states in the U.S. And Beaufort County has its share of dishonest or incompetent public officials.

In addition, executives at private companies and organizations doing business with the federal, state or county government β€” and paid with our tax dollars β€” also often cheat the system.
Until now, they have done so with relative impunity, which has simply reinforced their confidence they can get away with, and even expand, their illegal and abusive activities.

As a result, has been created to help keep our public servants and their private sector vendors honest β€” and hold them fully accountable when they are not.

My name is Skip Hoagland – I am well-known within Beaufort County and the state as someone who stands up to illegal and dishonest activity. I also have the financial and legal resources to fight power with power. is more than just me as an individual. We are a group of concerned citizens who want to offer whistle blowers the opportunity to come forward, safely and anonymously, to expose corruption, wrongdoing and gross incompetence that squanders our tax dollars and other public resources in Beaufort County. We cannot allow our officials to continue and expand their wrongdoing; we must hold them fully accountable under the law and in the court of public opinion. And, they must answer to the law if they abuse their office, commit fraud, or engage in any form of public corruption
I am offering $30,000 rewards to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of a corrupt public official or a private sector executive of any organization that does business with any government entity.

Please help me accomplish this vitally important mission. Together, we can clean up Beaufort County and send a strong message to those who disrespect the law and the ethics of public service. is non-partisan and does not support any candidates

Executive Director
(to stand out in society as an advocate for the rights of others)

Contact “Atticus” is available 24/7 via email: or direct: 213 WATCHDG (928-2434)

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    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Rewards of $30,000 and up for whistle blower information leading to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of any public official or government employee, for profit or non-profit, including chamber employees.